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Our Story

Welcome to Simply Charming! 

Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to check out our business and story. I started my floral business in May of 2020 with zero floral knowledge. I completely took a leap of faith and began my journey while working a factory job and realizing that I  had more to give to the world and myself. I began researching everything about flowers and since my journey began around COVID I was able to take floral courses online from Mexican florists. They taught me how to care for flowers and arranging them. I had to practice, practice, practice on doing arrangements at home or for family and friends. I have learned from all the mistakes and challenges I have faced as a business owner and florist and I have grown personally and professionally.

My favorite part about this journey is just that, growing on personal and business level and how they both work together.

My goal is to create something unique and beautiful for your special occasions and make moments into unforgettable memories! 


Samantha Cazares

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